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Welcome to digiflec

Creatively helping companies better manage their assets and automate processes, through 3D Sensing and Automation. 

Experts in LiDAR hardware and complimentary processing equipment and software, we want to work with you to tailor a solution which will help your organisation automate processes or better manage assets.

LiDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) scanners are a highly accurate way to gather data about 3D objects and environments; data which can then be used in a number of ways to automate processes or manage assets. Common applications include vehicle automation, traffic management and in the creation and management of other smart environments.

Distributors of Velodyne LiDAR products and a value added reseller for Seoul Robotics perception software, DigiFlec are ideally positioned to bring you the best in LiDAR sensor hardware, data processing and presentation solutions. In collaboration with you, we will make sure you are getting the 3D data you need, presented in a way that helps you to make good decisions, or used to automate your processes.

Velodyne Lidar Sensors

Surround LiDAR

Sensors with a 360° field of view, enabling the real-time 3-dimensional mapping of the spatial environment on all sides of the sensor

Solid-State LiDAR

Sleek, easily embeddable sensors, suitable for ADAS, robotics applications and much more.