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Unlock smart city transformation with our LiDAR technology and granular, high-quality data, driving meaningful insights for sustainable innovation.

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Digiflec is your partner in shaping the future of smart cities. Using the latest spatial monitoring technology, our team is dedicated to providing you with innovative data solutions that enable you to understand interaction between road users in granular detail.  

Discover where to improve urban infrastructure to make a positive difference, analyse the impact of construction and infrastructure projects, and unlock durable and sustainable urban communities for years to come. 

If your organisation is looking to work together towards creating smarter and more efficient cities, we’d love to talk. 

Meaningful insights for sustainable innovation

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Flagship Products & Services

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Connected Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring (CiiM)

Offering GDPR-compliant data and visualisations, CiiM enables a comprehensive understanding of traffic and pedestrian activity around fixed locations, fostering a safer and more efficient urban environment.

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Mobile Mapping

With Mobile Mapping, you can visualise and manage your road infrastructure with unparalleled precision, thereby enhancing the efficiency of asset management and infrastructure project planning, improving stakeholder communication, and effectively mitigating potential risks.  

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As the UK’s main supplier of Innovusion and Velodyne LiDAR equipment, Digiflec is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology to drive smarter urban development and empower businesses to operate more efficiently. 

Recent Projects

Forest and Land Digital Mapping - Digiflec

Mapping Forest Roads

Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS), responsible for managing a vast rural and remote road network, sought a tech-based solution which would outperform their longstanding ‘man with van and clipboard’ road survey method.


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Traffic Monitoring

Working alongside Stirling Council to help a smart village network understand the impact of traffic on air quality by developing and installing the first commercial surround LiDAR traffic monitoring system in the UK.


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