About Us

Empowering smarter cities with advanced LiDAR solutions

At Digiflec, our mission is to harness the power of three-dimensional LiDAR data to improve asset management, create safer roads, and build smarter cities.

Digiflec is a small team with diverse backgrounds and skills who work well together to meet challenges. From a beginning in LiDAR technology sales, Steven Gillan has grown the business through research and development projects that explore ways to make LiDAR data useful in asset management and smart city technologies.

In addition to LiDAR technology from the world’s leading manufacturers, Digiflec offers a Mobile Mapping service and Connected Intelligent Infrastructure Management (CiiM) for use in Smart Cities and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

With over fifteen years of experience working with LiDAR, the Digiflec team has been involved with the technology right through its development trajectory and is excited to explore its possibilities for creating a smarter, safer world.

Our story so far

Fascinated by the potential he saw in the potential link between digital twin development and LiDAR, Steven Gillan founded Digiflec in March 2020. Despite a first year navigating the obstacles presented by Covid-19, Steve successfully nurtured his fledgling company. 

By the middle of 2021, Digiflec was in a strong enough position for Steve to consider taking on one of the challenges presented in CivTech 6. CivTech works with Scottish public sector organisations, presenting a series of ‘challenges’ to the public each year. A challenge is a problem a public sector organisation would like solved, and CivTech is designed to help small companies develop their tech-based solutions. The goal is to use innovation to quickly solve problems as effectively as possible.  

Stirling Council and Forestry and Land Scotland wanted to see if technology could help to manage traffic and public road infrastructure being used by commercial operations in rural and remote areas. Since the root of the problem was a lack of reliable and comprehensive data, Steve saw the potential for the rich spatial data gathered by LiDAR in developing a solution.   

Digiflec successfully completed the intense CivTech exploration and accelerator phases, ultimately entering into a pre-commercial agreement with Forestry and Land Scotland. 

Together, they developed a Mobile Mapping system, revolutionising the way FLS conducted their road surveys, the solution dramatically outperformed the previous ‘man with van and clipboard’ method. The collaboration between FLS and Digiflec is a testament to how innovation can drive significant operational improvements and efficiency. 

Digiflec then began pioneering work using LiDAR in Intelligent Transportation Systems, developing Connected Intelligent Infrastructure Management (CiiM), a system which detects and classifies different types of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.  CiiM offers the potential to create smart intersections and smart urban areas, and dramatically revolutionise the role of data and data visualisation in urban planning and re-vitalisation.  Digiflec continue to work to increase the capability of the CiiM system. 


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