Best 3D long-range sensor for automated mobility.

  • Best horizontal (360°) and vertical (40°) long-range sensor
    • 10% targets >300m typical
    • 5% targets >180m typical
    • Ground plane hits >90m typical
  • High resolution (0.2° x 0.1°) and point density at full frame rate
  • Industry-leading, proprietary sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation
  • Strong performance with retro reflectors & sunlight
  • New power efficiencies for maximum operating temperature
  • Proven, Class 1 eye-safe 903 nm technology
  • Bottom connector, with cable length options
  • 6 to 8-week lead time standard
  • Multiple manufacturing sources available for qualified production projects


The Alpha Prime (VLS-128) delivers unrivaled combination of field-of-view, range, and image clarity. With the Alpha Prime™, Velodyne Lidar delivers the optimal long-range sensor for autonomous mobility. The Alpha Prime’s world-class combination of range, image clarity and field of view detects roadway objects with reliability and precision.

This state-of-the-art sensor generates high quality perception in a wide variety of light conditions, with advanced sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation, power efficiency, and thermal performance.