Connected Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring system (CiiM)

GDPR-compliant data and visualisations to fully understand traffic and pedestrian activity through fixed locations. 

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Green Space Usage


Traffic Monitoring


Pedestrian Safety

Dundee Map Simulation - CiiM - Digiflec

Next Generation Traffic Monitoring 

Using LiDAR technology, CiiM collects spatial data about vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, displaying their speed and the direction they’re heading. This active tracking of patterns enables organisations to understand accurately how the area is being used, with a level of detail that has never been achieved before.

Confident Urban Design 

Data and data visualisation are key components of the urban design process, and CiiM takes both data and its presentation to new levels of precision and depth. 

Uncover complex patterns of activity in an accurate three dimensional representation, or view data graphically, to gain advanced insights to shape urban (re)design. 

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CiiM Use Cases

Road, Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety - Digiflec

Road, Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

Urban spaces are intricate ecosystems of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Accurately understanding the patterns and behaviours within these spaces is crucial to improving safety measures and mitigating risks, particularly for vulnerable road users.

Addressing these challenges is Digiflec’s CiiM, a next-generation ITS (intelligent transportation system) solution powered by advanced LiDAR technology.

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Smart City - Digital Twinning - Digiflec

Digital Twinning

Smart cities blend technology with everyday living to improve our lives. This blend makes our city services more effective and sustainable, in turn making cities more pleasant places to live.

Get data insights to tackle urban challenges, such as congestion, pollution and resource allocation, to turn cities into more sustainable and liveable environments.

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