Digiflec Win Tay Cities Funding to Explore 5G and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Digiflec, with Tay5G's support, plan to improve their single LiDAR CiiM system using 5G's enhanced capabilities. This initiative aligns with the Tay Cities Deal's vision, placing Dundee at the helm of Smart City innovation.

The V & A Museum on Dundee’s Waterfront

Harnessing Dundee’s Waterfront 5G Network: Digiflec’s Vision 

Using Dundee’s recently installed waterfront 5G network, Digiflec will expand the capabilities of their Connected Intelligent Infrastructure Management (CiiM) system.  CiiM uses LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors to gather inherently GDPR compliant data about vehicle type, speed, location and direction of travel, and can also gather information about pedestrian and active traveler movement.  The data gathered by CiiM can give a rich understanding of how an area is used by pedestrians, active travelers and pedestrians. This means that any upgrades or redesign can take into account how an area is really used, so it can be tailored to fit people’s needs.   

Building on Digiflec’s Pioneering Single Sensor System

LiDAR Pointcloud Magic: Illuminating the Discovery and the V & A Museum in Dundee

Digiflec already have a single sensor CiiM system installed in the village of Thornhill. This was the first commercial use of surround LiDAR to monitor traffic in the UK.  This system transmitted data for more than a year, using 4G communications technology. To build on this strong foundation through the Tay5G funded project, Digiflec will develop and test a multi-sensor system which transmits data over 5G.  

The Tay Cities Deal: The Driving Force Behind Tay5G

Tay5G was born out of the Tay Cities Deal, a partnership between the UK and Scottish governments and public and private organisations across Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross. Together they intend to invest up to £700 million in projects which promote sustainable and inclusive growth in areas that uphold the strengths and priorities of the region. Tay5G reflects The Scottish Government’s commitment to embracing 5G and their goal of establishing Scotland as an innovative digital nation. Dundee, with its rich history of scientific development and innovation is a fitting location for pioneering work in Smart City development. 

Unlocking the Potential of Smart City Innovations and Safer Intersections

The project will explore the increased communication capabilities of the 5G network to discover how the increased bandwidth and reliability of 5G can enable more advanced Smart City Technologies.  5G capability and a multi-sensor system are the first steps to creating fully Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Smart Intersections. CiiM gathers data which could be used for many Smart City applications such as smart streetlighting and parking, near-miss and accident detection, and locating and protecting vulnerable or slow-moving pedestrians.  

I’m thrilled Digiflec is among the winners of the Tay Cities Deal Tay5G Challenge Fund. Beyond funding, it’s about harnessing 5G technology to revolutionize urban living. We’re committed to setting new standards for Scottish smart cities.

Steven Gillan, Digiflec Company Director

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