Eliminating Short – Long Range Compromise with Ouster’s OSDome LiDAR

180° FoV with the accuracy and benefits of LiDAR data, the OSDome offers unique benefits in robotics, security, crowd, and retail analytics.

180° FoV with the accuracy and benefits of LiDAR data, the OSDome offers unique benefits in robotics, security, crowd, and retail analytics.

The OSDome sensor from Ouster, with its 180° field of view and the accuracy and benefits of LiDAR data, provides unique advantages for various applications such as robotics, security, crowd analytics, and retail. With 128 channels of resolution, 20 meters of range, and 5.2 million max points per second, it is one of the most advanced LiDAR sensors available, making it ideal for scenarios where wide field of view and high-resolution data are crucial.

The LiDAR Positioning Dilemma: Short-Range Precision vs. Long-Range Vision

Surround LiDAR Sensors have, as the name suggests, a 360° horizontal field of view, but typically have only a limited vertical field of view.

This makes installing a LiDAR sensor a challenging task, whether it is in a fixed location or on a moving robot or vehicle.  It most cases a compromise has to be made between short and long-range detection.  For example, forklift installations usually mount the sensor at a downward angle to cover the area directly in front of the forklift.  This means that some of the long range detection capabilities of the sensor are sacrificed.  Equally, the opposite compromise might be made, with the sensor mounted parallel to the ground, maximising the sensor’s long range capabilities but potentially missing objects below the sensor and near the vehicle.

Surround LiDAR angled to compromise between long and short range

Both mounting scenarios create blind spots in sensor coverage, which can either be eliminated with an additional sensor, or the performance and speed of the system might be limited to ensure safe operation.

The same compromise between long and short range detection has to be made in indoor security or crowd monitoring applications, creating blind spots which require extra sensors for coverage.

The Future is Clear with OSDome: Total Area Visibility Redefined

Ouster designed the OSDome to eliminate the need for this compromise.  The innovative hemispheric field of view provides full floor-to-ceiling coverage of an area, eliminating any blind spots caused by angled mounting or sensor limitations. This will help customers save costs on hardware and reduce system complexity and installation time, all while improving overall performance with high-resolution coverage.

The image below shows an OSDome mounted on the ceiling of a busy cafeteria setting. It’s easy to picture how just a few OSDome sensors could cover an entire high-value retail store or the floor of a data centre with minimal obstruction from features in the environment.

With the introduction of the REV7 range, Ouster introduced the OSDome, built with the same digital architecture as the rest of the REV7 sensors, but with an all-new field of view. With a new form factor and a circular dome-shaped window, Ouster were able to design a sensor with 180° coverage across the top and 360° horizontal, giving it a hemispherical view of its surroundings.

Powered by the L3 chip, the OSDome is the best performing hemispherical LiDAR available today, delivering incredible point cloud detail across its entire field of view.  This feature makes the OSDome ideal for upgrading security and crowd analytics systems with privacy-conscious movement tracking or giving warehouse robots with greater situational awareness.

Check out Ouster’s OSDome here or contact us for more information.  Academic discounts available and evaluation units available.




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