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Innovusion Lidar - Digiflec

Falcon – The world’s highest-resolution, longest-range LiDAR in mass production.

Innovusion Falcon - Digiflec

Speed. Vision. Precision.

Introducing Falcon, an automotive-grade LiDAR developed by Innovusion through postive development. Falcon can detect objects as far away as 500 metres and dark objects with 10% reflectance up to 250 metres. The ROI, or region-of-interest feature brings dynamic adjustments of focus on the areas of greatest interest to the user.

Falcon-datasheet - Digiflec

Enjoy the view

Falcon delivers an especially wide field of view that doesn’t sacrifice precision or detection range. Image-grade point cloud and dynamic-frame high-density region of interest ensure clarity of key detection and safe autonomy in any environment.

All-weather outlook

Leveraging 1550nm laser technology, Falcon can cope with challenging weather and environmental conditions. Rain, snow, in the dark of night, or on the sunniest of days, the forecast is consistent real-time precision.

Reliable manufacturing

Falcon represents true engineering achievement and Innovusion’s tireless devotion to quality. It remains the only fully-industrialized long-range LiDAR in global mass production, unmatched in capability, consistency and reliability.

Robust supply chain

Strategic collaboration with industry leaders and partners to achieve optimization and maturity throughout our high-performance LiDAR supply chain yields efficient and reliable volume production.

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