LiDAR: A foundational technology for digital transformation

Discover the transformative power of data in driving economic growth and sustainable infrastructure development and explore the role of LiDAR technology in making informed decisions for a more resource-conscious world.
Data for digital transformation

Data as The Driving Force of Our Modern Economy

The UK Government’s Digital Strategy outlines the objectives for harnessing digital transformation and building a more inclusive, competitive, and innovative digital economy. The strategy believes that data is the key to making this transformation effective.

Good decision making about infrastructure management and construction, and how we use our financial and material resources, are more crucial than ever before.

At Digiflec, we believe that LiDAR technology can contribute to a positive future by providing accurate and detailed data for infrastructure planning, design, and maintenance, leading to more efficient and sustainable infrastructure development.

The responsibility we have to make sure we’re making the right choices for our future is a daunting prospect, but the World Economic Forum has some interesting points to share on the topic!

Smart Decisions for a Smarter World

First of all, the Forum is all about making smart choices when it comes to infrastructure. It’s not just building stuff; it’s about using data to ensure we make good decisions about what we build. The right information can lead to an infrastructure which supports a sustainable and prosperous future.

Sustainable Infrastructure: More Than Just Buzzwords

Sustainability is the name of the game. The Forum stresses the importance of infrastructure that’s not only good for the economy but also for society and our planet. Efficient use of resources and developing capabilities are key to this vision.

Getting More from What We Have

It’s not just about building new stuff; it’s about getting more from the infrastructure we already have. The Forum encourages us to think about how we can extract more value from existing structures. This means looking at sustainable proposals and integrating innovative construction methods.

Thinking Differently

The message is that we need to think differently about how we build and maintain our world, from the way we handle our natural resources to the sustainability of our infrastructure, it’s essential that we make decisions that benefit not just us, but generations to come.  It is up to us to be the best ancestors we can be!

LiDAR: Good Data for Good Decisions

In our journey towards digital transformation, understanding what makes a decision ‘good’ is crucial, and we need to understand how we can support good decision making.

Of course, good decisions need to be evidence-based, and that’s why it’s so important for us to work with the best quality data available.  This is why Digiflec believes that LiDAR technology will be a key player in our quest for a better, more resource conscious world.

Data transforms the decision-making process by lending it a level of precision, reliability, and credibility. In today’s complex and dynamic environment, the role of data in decision-making is more critical than ever, serving as a key driver of effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation.

LiDAR gathered data is richly detailed and extremely accurate, making it a valued resource in effective decision making.  Digiflec not only offer a range of LiDAR technology from the world’s leading manufacturers, but are constantly working to develop ways to use this data for the effective transformation of our world.

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