Mobile Mapping

Survey More Miles for Less 

Visualise roads with pinpoint accuracy to plan infrastructure projects more efficiently, streamline stakeholder communications, and mitigate risks. 

Obtain detailed survey information at a lower cost

Revolutionise the way you survey road and land infrastructure with Mobile Mapping: a highly accurate, efficient and cost-effective survey method. Mobile Mapping offers considerable advantages over traditional surveying methods.

Digiflec’s Mobile Mapping solution gathers high-density and high-accuracy data to help you plan infrastructure projects more efficiently and align stakeholder communications, providing everyone with the same unbiased view. Our LiDAR-based mapping system collects geospatial data,  turning a group of mapped points from various locations into interactive 3D models. 

Our cutting-edge equipment and software provide a detailed 360-degree point cloud overview of any road or terrain, so you are empowered to make informed decisions for path planning, and road maintenance. In addition, thanks to its mobile nature, you can evidence land conditions pre and post construction projects, to protect the owner and third parties with an unbiased source of information. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming, expensive surveying methods: get ready to step into to the future of  surveying. 



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Seamless, Efficient, and Comprehensive Surveying

Mobile Mapping doesn’t just speed up the surveying process; it enhances it with a 3D visual (point cloud) map  that combines LiDAR equipment and processing software. 

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Collaborative Decision Making and Streamlined Processes

Simplify the process of sharing visual survey data with stakeholders. With Mobile Mapping, you can empower collective decision-making and expedite processes by making it easy to share and understand complex data. 

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Boost your ROI

Mobile Mapping is more than just a faster alternative to traditional surveying methods – it’s a game-changer. With reduced operational costs and increased efficiency, Mobile Mapping offers a detailed, rapid, and cost-effective solution to your surveying needs. 

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Unprecedented Detail

Take your road planning and safety measures to the next level. Analyse road conditions and user behaviour in an unparalleled level of detail, to enhance your planning strategies and user safety measures. 

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Remote Identification of Hazards

Identify potential risks and hazards remotely, for proactive planning and risk mitigation. 

Case Study

Mobile Mapping - Digiflec - Forestry & Land Scotland

Forestry & Land Scotland

Developing a more efficient way to map a road network which reaches over 10,000km into rural and remote areas. 

Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS), responsible for managing a vast rural and remote road network, sought a tech-based solution which would outperform their longstanding ‘man with van and clipboard’ survey method. Digiflec answered the challenge, demonstrating a custom-made mobile mapping system and post-processing software development capable of supplying FLS’s needed data.  


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