Ouster OS0

Top Choice For Short-Range Industry Applications, Mapping and Drone-Mounted Scanning

OS0 / OS1 - Ouster- Digiflec

The highest performing ultrawide field of view digital LiDAR sensor available, for superior performance in near-range object classification or on the open road

The OS0 features an ultrawide 90° vertical field of view with a close 35m range. This innovative sensor outperforms others in its class, providing advanced features and capabilities that make it the top choice for various industry applications, mapping and drone mounted scanning.



  • 35m range at 10%
  • 100m max range
  • 90-degree vertical field of view
  • 128 channels of resolution
  • 5.2M max points per second
  • 10x photon sensitivity
  • -40 °C minimum operating temperature
  • 60 °C maximum operating temperature
  • IP68 & IP69K ingress protection

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Built for real-world reliability

With 128 channels of resolution and up to 5.2M points per second, the OS0 sees more than every other ultra-wide sensor on the market. The OS0 delivers clean, dense data across the entire field of view, for accurate perception and crisp mapping. The OS0 now sees over 35m on a 10% reflective target, with a maximum measurement range over 100m. That’s a full city block, and more than a full warehouse aisle.

Why choose Ouster OS0?

Comfortable Object Detection in Smaller Spaces

The standout quality of the OS0 is its impressive 90° vertical field of view. This makes it ideal for low speed autonomous vehicle control applications, allowing comprehensive, accurate detection of objects and obstacles at close range   

Outstanding Performance

The OS0 excels in dark object detection, making it specially designed to handle low-light situations and effectively detect objects even in the darkest of environments. This feature ensures safety and reliability in applications where visibility is compromised. 

Exceptional Horizontal Resolution for Detailed Mapping Data

Another key advantage of the OS0 is its high-resolution scanning capabilities. With exceptional accuracy, it captures detailed data points, enabling more detailed and comprehensive mapping. This precision provides invaluable insights for a wide range of industrial applications. 

Outstanding Performance in Challenging Environments

The OS0 outperforms its competitors when it comes to handling obscurants such as dust and fog. Equipped to handle challenging environments, it maintains its performance even in the presence of obscurants. This reliability makes it a suitable choice for applications where environmental conditions can fluctuate. 

Consistent Performance in Extreme Temperatures

The OS0 exhibits excellent performance at extremes of temperature. Designed to maintain its quality and performance in temperatures as low as -40°C  and up to 75°C, consistent and reliable results are ensured even in the most challenging environments.  

Versatile Application in Automotive Industry

While primarily targeted at the industrial sector and mapping applications, the OS0 is also a potential candidate for automotive applications. Its robust design and advanced capabilities make it suitable for various automotive needs, further expanding its versatility and potential applications. 

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