Ouster OSDome

Built with the same digital architecture as the rest of the Ouster REV7 sensors, but with an all-new field of view.

OSDome - Ouster - Digiflec

Ouster’s L3 chip powered full hemisphere field of view digital LiDAR sensor

  • 20 m Range at 10%
  • 45 m Max Range
  • 180° Vertical FOV
  • 5.2 M Max Points Per Second
  • 10x Photon Sensitivity
  • 128 Channels of Resolution

OSDome: providing a brand-new field of view

The OSDome’s 5.2 million points per second give stunning point clouds from rich, detailed data through dual returns and calibrated reflectivity.

Exacting precision for clean scan lines, sharp corners and flat walls, for incredibly accurate 3D mapping and digital twins, in indoor and outdoor environments.

1000% improvement enabled by the L3 chip tackles the challenges posed by black vehicles, other dark objects and small physical details which have been traditionally problematic for previous LiDAR sensors.

The REV7 range from Ouster’s simple digital design and automotive grade components make it ideal for daily use in even extreme environments. Tested to rigorous shock and vibration standards, the REV7 range is IP68 and IP96K rated, so you can even pressure wash it.

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Why choose Ouster OSDome?

Unrivalled Spatial Perception

The OSDome sensor from Ouster is an advanced LiDAR sensor that offers unrivalled spatial perception. With its cutting-edge ‘hemisphere view’, comprising of a 20m range and a 180° field of view, the OSDOome surpasses other leading sensors in its class. This compact yet powerful sensor is ideal for indoor smart infrastructure, industrial and security applications. 

Crystal-Clear Resolution

One of the OSDome’s standout features is its exceptional resolution, providing a crystal-clear view of your surroundings even at the limits of its range. With the OSDome, you can have peace of mind knowing potential hazards will be alerted to you with unprecedented precision. 

Compact and Lightweight Design: Effortless Integration

OSDome not only excels in performance but also boasts a compact, lightweight design. It is ingeniously engineered to be smaller and lighter than the competition, making installation easier and allowing you to focus on achieving your project goals. 

Reliable Operation: Performance in Any Environment

In addition, the OSDome features an astonishing operating temperature range, capable of functioning in temperatures as low as –40 ºC and as high as 75 ºC, offering you reliable operation in even extreme environmental conditions. 

Versatile Applications: Unleashing Potential

Discover the realm of possibilities offered by the OSDome’s versatile specifications. Seamlessly integrate this innovative sensor into smart infrastructure and industrial systems, elevating efficiency and intelligence to unprecedented levels. From indoor smart infrastructure to crowd analytics and material handling revolution, OSDome offers unmatched capabilities for a wide variety of applications. 


Embrace the Future of Advanced Sensing Technology

Join the ranks of visionary businesses embracing the future of advanced sensing technology. Choose the OSDome and unlock the limitless potential of comprehensive spatial perception. Contact Digiflec to learn more about how the OSDome can elevate your operations to new heights. 

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