Ouster’s REV7 Range: A New Era in Precision and Reliability

The REV7 series is a major stride in sensor tech, pushing the boundaries of possibility in operational efficiency for autonomous systems and smart infrastructure.
Ouster REV7

Ouster’s REV7 Series Brings Unprecedented Precision and Range

Ouster’s REV7 range offers considerably advanced capability over the now discontinued REV6 range, and brings the all-new OSDome sensor with a revolutionary hemispherical field of view.  The REV7 sensors, powered by the next-generation L3 chip, offer significant improvements over the previous REV6 sensors in terms of range, precision, and reliability.

Ouster l3 Chip

The L3 chip brings a 10x increase in photon sensitivity, a 2x increase in range, a 50% improvement in precision, a 7x improvement in dark object detection, and a 2x increase in points per second.

These improvements allow the Ouster range to see more than ever before, over longer ranges, and with greater precision, enhancing mapping capabilities and obstacle detection for safer autonomous operations both indoors and outdoors.

The Perfect Blend of Size, Efficiency, and Durability

The REV7 sensors maintain the same small, lightweight, and power-efficient form factor design of the previous generations, but with upgrades that increase their maximum operating temperature, reduce their power consumption, and increase their resistance to shock and vibration.

In terms of reliability, the REV7 sensors are built with approximately 95% automotive-grade components, making them suitable for production-scale fleets. The REV7 sensors also offer improved data accuracy, with sharper point clouds providing a more accurate representation of surfaces. This enhanced detection capability makes it easier to visualize small and detailed objects, such as power lines or warehouse pallets.

New Ethernet Option Expands REV7 Capabilities

For better integration with autonomous vehicles, Ouster has added a 1000BASE-T1 automotive ethernet option for its OSDome, OS0, and OS1 models, making the REV7 sensors compatible with a wide range of software.

Ouster’s OSDome Offers Unmatched Coverage

OSDome - Ouster - Digiflec

The OSDome presents an innovative hemispheric field-of-view, offering extensive coverage and detection capabilities for industrial and intelligent infrastructure settings. Its compact design allows for unobtrusive installation in vehicles or on building ceilings. This device eliminates the top blind spot typically found in sensors, enabling users to oversee broad areas with just one sensor, simplifying setup processes and decreases the overall complexity of the system.

Charting New Frontiers

Ouster’s REV7 series, with its cutting-edge L3 chip, marks a significant leap forward in sensor technology. The range, including the groundbreaking OSDome, exemplifies a blend of enhanced performance, improved precision, and robust reliability, setting a new standard in the field. The advancements in photon sensitivity, range, precision, and dark object detection enable unprecedented levels of environmental perception, crucial for safer and more efficient autonomous operations. Despite these enhancements, the REV7 sensors retain their compact, lightweight design while boasting improved durability and integration capabilities, making them ideal for a wide array of applications, from autonomous vehicles to industrial and infrastructure monitoring. The addition of the OSDome, with its unique hemispherical field of view, further underscores Ouster’s commitment to innovation, offering comprehensive coverage and ease of installation. Altogether, the REV7 series represents a major stride in sensor technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in safety and operational efficiency for autonomous systems and smart infrastructure.

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