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Digital Twinning and Smart City Innovation

Smart City - Digital Twinning - Digiflec

Harness High-Precision Survey Data for Smarter, Safer and More Efficient Cities 

Smart cities blend technology with everyday living to improve our lives. This blend makes our city services more effective and sustainable, in turn making cities more pleasant places to live.

At the heart of the smart city concept is the use of data and digital technology to improve urban decision-making, and this is where Digiflec excels.

As a leading innovator in spatial monitoring, Digiflec helps organisations transform the way urban spaces are monitored, managed and developed.

Get data insights to tackle urban challenges, such as congestion, pollution and resource allocation, to turn cities into more sustainable and liveable environments.

Stirling Road Monitoring - Digiflec

Case Study: Traffic Monitoring in Stirling

Working alongside Stirling Council to help a smart village network understand the impact of traffic on air quality by developing and installing the first commercial surround LiDAR traffic monitoring system in the UK.

Unlock new opportunities for innovation and smarter solutions to urban challenges with high-precision data.  

Examples of Smart City applications include:

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Efficient Resource Allocation

Make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for infrastructure maintenance, leading to more efficient use of city budgets.

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Enhanced Safety Measures

Identify potential collision hotspots and areas of risk for vulnerable road users to develop strategies that improve overall road safety.

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Reduction in Congestion and Pollution

Understand traffic patterns to devise strategies that alleviate congestion and reduce pollution, making your city a healthier place to live.

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Promotion of Active Travel

By understanding pedestrian and cyclist behaviour, inform initiatives that make cities more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly.

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Improved Traffic Management

Utilize spatial data to understand how vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians interact, leading to more effective traffic management strategies.

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Better Security Measures

Use real-time tracking and pattern recognition to enhance surveillance efforts and maintain a secure urban environment. 

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Support for City Centre Regeneration

Leverage real-time data on road user behaviour to develop strategies that revitalize urban spaces and promote economic growth. 

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Sustainable City Development

Utilize data insights to tackle urban challenges, such as congestion and pollution, making cities more sustainable and liveable.

Unlocking the Future of Urban Development 

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