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Infrastructure Planning and Management 

Infrastructure Planning &  Monitoring - Digiflec

Improve your infrastructure planning and operations by harnessing the power of detailed survey data. 

Infrastructure forms the backbone of any urban environment, linking people, places, and services. Effective infrastructure management requires a comprehensive understanding of how these elements are utilised and interact with each other and with the urban population.  

Digiflec’s CiiM is an innovative solution that uses advanced LiDAR technology to collect and analyse spatial data on infrastructure. Its capability to monitor infrastructure usage patterns in near real-time provides valuable insights, providing urban planners and infrastructure managers with the data they need to make informed decisions. 

All data collected by CiiM is anonymous and stringently adheres to global privacy regulations, including GDPR. 

Infrastructure Planning & Monitoring - Digiflec

Applications in infrastructure planning and management

CiiM’s detailed survey data provides critical insights for infrastructure planning and operational strategies, including: 

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Infrastructure Usage Analysis

By observing and analysing vehicular, pedestrian, and cyclist behaviour, CiiM offers a clearer understanding of how various infrastructural elements are used.

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Planning Support

CiiM’s ability to identify patterns and provide three-dimensional data visualisation facilitates more effective planning strategies for new infrastructure. 

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Operational Enhancements

Leveraging CiiM’s real-time monitoring capabilities allows for proactive infrastructure management, leading to improved operational efficiency and enhanced safety measures. 

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