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Infrastructure Planning and Management 

Infrastructure Planning &  Monitoring - Digiflec

Improve your infrastructure planning and operations by harnessing the power of detailed survey data. 

Infrastructure forms the backbone of any urban environment, linking people, places, and services. Effective infrastructure management requires a comprehensive understanding of how these elements are utilised and interact with each other and with the urban population.  

Mobile Mapping is reshaping the way we perceive and interact with our world. It offers a digital blueprint that not only enhances our understanding but also streamlines planning, communication, and risk mitigation in infrastructure projects and beyond. With Digiflec’s Mobile Mapping Service, the future promises even greater precision, efficiency, and innovation, ultimately revolutionizing how we navigate and harness the wealth of spatial information at our disposal. 

Mobile Mapping for Fibre Network Installation.

Digiflec’s Mobile Mapping Service enables confident decision making in the fibre network installation planning and design process through the provision of highly accurate pointclouds supported by 360° visual imagery.

Infrastructure Planning & Monitoring - Digiflec

Comprehensive 3D Data for Planning, Design and Maintenance

From the initial stages, mobile mapping can be used to streamline the process. The Digiflec Mobile Mapping System is vehicle-mounted and gathers high-density and high-accuracy data to aid in the planning and design process. Our LiDAR-based mapping system collects geospatial data, both LiDAR and 360° visual imagery. 

The LiDAR data is used to construct a three dimensional digital model of the mapped area called a ‘pointcloud’. Pointclouds are made up of millions of distinct points, each with x, y and z co-ordinates, and are complimented by the visual imagery provided by the 360° camera.

The provision of an accurate pointcloud of the installation area enables exact measurements to be taken without multiple site visits, allowing high precision network installation design.

When planning a fibre to home network, registering a cable or verifying a network design, Digiflec’s Mobile Mapping Service gives you reliable survey data which leads to greater efficiency and confident, evidence based decision making.

A thorough survey is essential in the early planning stage of fibre network installation in order to identify the best possible route for the cabling.  This entails identifying and locating existing infrastructure, such as poles and manhole covers, and understanding the attributes of the area along the route.  In addition to locating existing infrastructure, vegetation and other potential obstacles to installation can be easily identified within the pointcloud.

After installation, Digiflec’s Mobile Mapping Service can provide an up to date pointcloud of the mapped area, supported by visual imagery, to aid in maintenance scheduling.

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Identify Existing Infrastructure

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Plan Installation With Confidence


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Geospatially Accurate 3D Rendering


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