Use Case:

Pre and Post Construction Surveys 

Before & After Roadscape Surveys - Digiflec

Get an unbiased view of road conditions before and after construction projects

When embarking on construction projects, it’s crucial to document the condition of the road both before and after the work takes place. This not only serves as a valuable resource for planning and executing work, but also as a tool for resolving potential disputes over damages. Digiflec’s Mobile Mapping solution offers a comprehensive, unbiased, and detailed view of the road conditions, fostering a transparent process. 

Ensuring Transparency across the Project Lifecycle

At every stage of your construction project, a precise understanding of road conditions is vital. Mobile Mapping’s capability to capture an unbiased, 360-degree view of construction sites and roads establishes an accurate baseline before work begins. This detailed record serves as a vital reference point, against which changes can be assessed post-project.

Once construction is completed, a second visual analysis using Mobile Mapping provides a comprehensive ‘after’ view. This detailed survey highlights any changes or potential damages. By facilitating a clear comparison of the road conditions before and after construction, any changes are easily identifiable. This transparency eliminates guesswork and provides a robust basis for mitigating potential disputes over the project’s impact on the road infrastructure. 

Take the First Step 

Start your construction projects on a solid foundation of data with Digiflec’s Mobile Mapping. Document the condition of the road before and after construction in an unbiased, transparent way to foster trust and collaboration with all stakeholders. To learn more about how Mobile Mapping can support your projects, get in touch with our team today.