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Road Conditions Monitoring

Road Condition Monitoing - Digiflec

Monitor Road Conditions Faster and More Accurately

Road condition monitoring is a critical task, especially for engineering firms and local government bodies responsible for maintaining public infrastructure. Digiflec’s Mobile Mapping solution, employing state-of-the-art LiDAR technology, delivers exhaustive geospatial point cloud and imagery data, redefining the efficiency and simplicity of the road condition monitoring process. 

With Mobile Mapping, you gain a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of any landscape, unveiling invaluable data insights. This empowers organisations to strategically allocate their resources and time to areas that require the most attention. 

Leverage the full potential of your road maintenance strategies by focusing on repairs where they’re most necessary and effortlessly track road degradation over time. 


Forest and Land Digital Mapping - Digiflec

Case Study: Forestry & Land Scotland (FLS)

FLS, responsible for managing a vast rural and remote road network, sought a tech-based solution which would outperform their longstanding ‘man with van and clipboard’ road survey method.

Empowering the Shift from Reactive to Proactive Road Maintenance 

Potholes and other road defects pose not only a safety risk but also have a significant economic impact. In the UK alone, the cost for road repairs is approximately £120 million per year, and compensation claims related to road defects add up to approximately £45 million per year. 

By using Mobile Mapping, potential road surface issues can be identified early, allowing for proactive repair and maintenance. This early detection system can help to prevent minor defects from escalating into more costly repairs, and can significantly reduce the risks associated with poor road conditions. This not only protects road users but also reduces the number of compensation claims that local authorities need to handle, providing additional financial savings. 


Supporting the Route to Net Zero 

The use of Mobile Mapping for road maintenance contributes to improved traffic flow and reduced environmental impact. By scheduling repairs proactively, roadworks can be better planned and coordinated, minimizing disruption to traffic and reducing the amount of time roads need to be closed. This leads to fewer traffic jams, lower fuel consumption, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 


Pothole - Road Condition Monitoing - Digiflec


Mobile Mapping data is accessible via common file formats for GIS, or through Digiflec’s interactive, cloud-based viewing platform. This means that detailed, real-time road condition information can be easily accessed and understood by all stakeholders involved, making the decision-making process more straightforward. 

Empower Your Road Maintenance Strategy 

Equip your team with the tools they need to manage and maintain your road infrastructure efficiently and effectively. To learn more about how Mobile Mapping can revolutionise your approach to road condition monitoring, get in touch with our team today.