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Road, Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety 

Road, Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety - Digiflec

Maximise safety measures with near real-time insights into

Urban spaces are intricate ecosystems of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Accurately understanding the patterns and behaviours within these spaces is crucial to improving safety measures and mitigating risks, particularly for vulnerable road users. 

Addressing these challenges is Digiflec’s CiiM, a next-generation ITS (intelligent transportation system) solution powered by advanced LiDAR technology. 

Unprecedented detail about road user interactions

CiiM collects and analyses spatial data about vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, tracking their speed and direction. This ability to actively monitor patterns in near real-time provides organisations with an unprecedented level of detail, offering an accurate understanding of how their areas are utilised. 

Beyond traffic monitoring, CiiM’s detailed data and visualisation capabilities are vital tools in urban design. By uncovering complex patterns of activity and providing accurate three-dimensional representations, CiiM equips urban planners with advanced insights to shape their urban (re)design strategies, resulting in more efficient and safer urban environments. 

All data collected by Digiflec’s CiiM is anonymised and rigorously adheres to global privacy regulations. 


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Next-Generation Traffic Monitoring

CiiM uses LiDAR technology for detailed, real-time tracking and analysis of traffic patterns. 

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Advanced Data Visualisation

CiiM provides a detailed three-dimensional representation and graphical view of data, enhancing the urban design process. 

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Emphasis on Vulnerable Road Users

The technology’s precise monitoring capabilities aid in enhancing safety measures, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Learn more about the opportunities of CiiM for keeping road users safe 

To learn more about how Digiflec’s CiiM can enhance your understanding of traffic behaviour and inform urban design, please contact our team.