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Traffic Management 

Traffic Management - Digiflec

Get comprehensive insights for effective route planning, congestion mitigation, and safety enhancements.

The complexity of urban traffic management continues to grow, with congestion, route planning, and safety emerging as critical issues. Detailed and accurate insights into the behaviour of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists can significantly contribute to addressing these challenges. 

Digiflec’s [CiiM], utilising advanced LiDAR technology, collects and analyses spatial data on road users, including their speed and direction. This continuous and real-time monitoring enables the extraction of patterns and trends at a level of detail previously unattainable. 

Applications in traffic management

The data collected and visualised by CiiM can provide city planners and traffic managers with valuable insights into traffic behaviour, aiding the development of effective strategies for: 

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Route Planning

By understanding the patterns of vehicle movement and flow, CiiM helps  identify optimal routes, improving traffic efficiency and reducing congestion. 

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Congestion Mitigation

By monitoring and analysing traffic volumes and speeds, CiiM can help identify areas of congestion, informing interventions to alleviate such issues. 

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Safety Enhancements

Through monitoring the behaviour of all road users, particularly vulnerable ones such as pedestrians and cyclists, CiiM aids in enhancing safety measures.

Learn more about the opportunities of CiiM for Traffic Management 

For a deeper understanding of how Digiflec’s CiiM can contribute to traffic management strategies, please contact our team.