Digiflec strengthens offering with cutting-edge cameras from TIER IV

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with TIER IV, a frontrunner in full-stack autonomous driving solutions. This strategic collaboration allows us to expand our product portfolio and offer TIER IV's advanced cameras to our customers.


Interested in trialling TIER IV cameras? We now have demo units available in stock for immediate dispatch. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

The initial phase of our partnership focuses on the distribution of TIER IV’s industry-leading camera solutions. These high-performance cameras are specifically designed to address the demanding requirements of various industrial applications, delivering exceptional image quality and unwavering reliability.

We are thrilled to partner with TIER IV and bring their innovative camera solutions to our customers,” said Steven Gillan, Director at Digiflec. “TIER IV’s cameras perfectly complement our existing offerings, and we are confident they will provide significant value to our clients.

Enhanced efficiency and productivity

Our partnership with TIER IV presents a significant opportunity for businesses seeking to optimise their operations. TIER IV’s cameras boast exceptional image quality and advanced processing power, making them ideal for a range of solutions, including:

  • Enhanced robot vision
  • Safety improvements for autonomous vehicles (AV)
  • Enhanced fleet management
  • Smarter traffic management

Expanding reach and expertise

This partnership represents a significant step forward for TIER IV in expanding our reach into the European market,” said Teng Hoong Swee, Vice President of Global Business Development and Strategic Partnerships/Alliances at TIER IV. “We are impressed by Digiflec’s established expertise and extensive network, and we are confident they will be instrumental in bringing our advanced camera solutions to a wider audience.

This announcement aligns with the UK Government’s recent Automated Vehicles Act, which sets the stage for self-driving vehicles to be on British roads by 2026, highlighting the importance of innovative vision solutions in the evolving automotive landscape.

By combining Digiflec’s established presence in the UK with TIER IV’s cutting-edge camera technology, this partnership opens exciting possibilities for businesses seeking to streamline workflows, enhance quality control, and gain valuable insights from their operations.

Stay informed for further developments

For more information on TIER IV cameras available through Digiflec, please visit our dedicated web page. We will be sharing more details about specific camera models and their applications in future blog posts, so keep an eye on our website!

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