Edge Perception Development Kit

The easiest way to develop Edge Perception

TIER IV’s fully customisable development kit


The development kit offers a comprehensive solution for vision-based perception and can be tailored to individual needs by freely combining the cameras (C1 and C2) with an ECU. This flexibility allows it to meet a wide range of use cases. Additionally, multiple ECU models are available.


  • Customisable configuration: The development kit can be customised by freely combining a camera (C1 or C2 from TIER IV) and an ECU, making it possible to meet a variety of use cases.
  • Plug & Play: The camera driver is pre-installed in the ECU (for ROSCube RQX-58G), so you can start development with plug & play.
  • Multiple models: Object recognition application running on ROS. The operation of the object recognition application provided as OSS has been confirmed by TIER IV, so you can start development immediately.
  • Autoware compatibility: Fully compatible with Autoware, the open-source operating system for autonomous driving.
  • Standard compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS certified.


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