Ultra Puck

Velodyne Ultra Puck

High-Density, Long-Range 3D Sensor


  • 200 m range with compact form factor
  • Most field-tested AV sensor, with largest install base
  • Best horizontal (360°) and vertical (40°) FoV
  • Top vertical resolution in its class (0.33°)
  • Best-in-class accuracy and calibrated intensity
  • Best-in-class power-efficiency and temperature range
  • Firing exclusion and interference mitigation features
  • Advanced features for minimizing false positives
The high-density, long-range image generated by the Ultra Puck (VLP-32) makes it an industry favourite for robotics, mapping, security, driver assistance, and autonomous navigation. Providing dynamic performance in a compact form, new applications for our Ultra Puck™ surround view sensor are being discovered every day.

This advanced sensor combines long-range performance with 0.33 degree vertical resolution in a compact package. It is a high-resolution sensor developed with automotive applications in mind, and it retains the innovative breakthroughs in 3D LiDAR, such as 360° surround view with real-time 3D data, hallmarks of the Velodyne Puck range. The Ultra Puck includes distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements at all rotational angles.

With 32 channels and a range of up to 200 m, the Ultra Puck generates approximately 1,200,000 points/second in dual return mode, with a 360° horizontal field of view and a 40° vertical field of view. The ULTRA Puck’s denser channel distribution on the horizon enables higher resolution at longer ranges. Operating it in dual return mode allows the capture of more detailled 3D imagery. A compact footprint and low weight make the sensor ideal for automotive applications, and its housing allows for operation over a range of environmental conditions.

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