Precise Long-Range Vision Solid-State Scanner

  • Solid state lidar
  • Perception data at a range of 0.1 m to 200 m supporting safe stopping distances at highway speeds
  • Configurable frame rate and resolution
  • Advances driver assistance features including Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Keeping Assist
  • Compact, embeddable form for seamless interior/exterior integration
  • Specifically designed for automotive grade performance
  • Built using Velodyne’s breakthrough micro-lidar array (MLA) architecture, a robust and reliable design for mass production
Velarray H800

With the Velarray H800, Velodyne delivers the optimal solid state lidar sensor for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous applications. The H800’s long-range combined with a wide horizontal field of view (FOV) detects objects early enough to enable safe stopping distances in urban driving scenarios and collision avoidance on curves and turns