Velodyne Lidar Solutions

As part of Velodyne’s integrator network, we are best placed to advise on the right solution for you, even if we cannot provide it ourselves!

We have strong ties with many of Velodyne’s integrators and can help with introductions and facilitate demonstrations if required.

Below you will find a list of Lidar solutions we have available. Please contact us to discuss any application in more detail.

Smart Cities & ITS

SENSR 3D perception software

Use SENSR software to measure vehicle and pedestrian flow through urban areas.

Improve safety, reduce traffic, decrease carbon emissions

No Privacy concerns – no facial images or personally identifiable information collected

Retail & Events

Sensr 3d perception software

Learn how people travel through your space.

Create real-time 3D models to track movements.

Respect and protect individual privacy with no personal information gathered.

Recognize suspicious behavior and potential security threats.


Sensr 3d percertion software

Milestone Plug-In.

Perimeter security and monitoring.

Intrusion detection.

Create an ‘invisible fence’ around your area.

Receive alerts when the perimeter is breached.

Reliable security with a 360-degree view, day and night and in inclement weather.

INS/GNSS integrated solutions

UAV, USV, vehicle based mapping

The OxTS range of combined, compact GNSS/INS systems are used for sensor position and orientation on mobile mapping vehicles or for direct georeferencing data from airborne surveying.

With simple integration with Velodyne Lidar scanners, we can provide high-performing, affordable mapping systems.


Slam software or comlete system

We can assist you with Slam system development or recommend a ready made system by understanding your application and budget.

Mobile Mapping

Capture and manage infrastructure and assets quickly and accurately

If you looking to add Lidar to your existing camera mobile mapping system, build your own or have one made for you we can help.

Applications where Lidar can improve mobile mapping include;

  • Corridor project work, including roadway and rail transportation, pipelines and electric transmission lines
  • Construction management for design-build
  • FAA airport design and layout plans
  • Harbour and shoreline mapping
  • Streetscape design
  • 3-D Asset inventory mapping
Mobile mapping image of town
USV Application

Object detection, Collision avoidence & above water survey

Protect your USV from collisions against objects that can be missed by AIS, camera and radar. We have collision avoidance algorithms set up specifically for USV’s that can be optimised to detect objects your most concerned about.

Many hydrographic software packages such as BeamworX, HYPACK, QINSy, EIVA and CARIS include Plug & Play support for Velodyne Lidar enabling accurate above water data collection to complement your inshore, nearshore and inland waterway surveys.